On the intersection of artistry, philosophy, and technology.

⚔️ Artistry

“Skill” or “craft”, from Greek, ars.

A sense of trained ability or mastery of a craft.

🌳 Philosophy

“The love of wisdom”, from Greek, philo (love) and sopiha (wisdom).

The exploration of the most basic and profound matters of human existence.

📱 Technology

"Science of craft", from Greek, techne.

Science or knowledge put into practical use to solve problems or invent useful tools.

Our Mission 🚀

To build and deliver products that are truly effective at their task.

Our Vision 👀

In all ways imaginable, to be the type of company we want to see in the real world. One that is not afraid to test boundaries for the sake of exploration or reject the status quo for the sake of truth.

👋 EnterMaurs introduces itself to the market with Enter, a reimagined note-taking application available on the App Store.

Enter is a pure junction between art, philosophy, and technology. It is for the sincere individual who truly has somewhere to go and something to produce.

A simple observation will show that those who are sincere in their pursuit also tend to use a notebook 📝. Whether used to explore the truth of one's nature or create art within one's craft, a notebook is a staple for the serious— in both the past and present. From there, leveraging modern technology can result in note-taking tools that are more effective for various functions.

Additionally, EnterMaurs sells merchandise related to the brand 👕. Proceeds fund the development of Enter and other potential applications. The aim is to develop the world's most effective tools and keep them monetarily accessible to everyone while opening to support and representation from those who can 🤟.