aka "Enter".

From the intersection of artistry, philosophy, and technology.

Our Mission 🚀

To garner the true potential of digital solutions as nature would have intended.

The digital world is here and with it has come major benefits along with major downfalls. Enter’s main focus is exploring how digital solutions can be deployed in ways that move towards the true benefits and away from the harmful downfalls.

Our Vision 👀

To enter the highest reality of business. A place where peace and freedom is valued over profit. Where organizations test boundaries for the sake of exploration or reject the status quo for the sake of truth.

Enter is a vessel for exploring the possibilities of how business can be conducted. Our vision as a company is wrapped around the idea that “work” is what you make it, or what you allow it to be. If that sense of agency is felt, then why allow it to be anything other than a place that uppermost values the peace and freedom of everyone involved.

👋 EnterMaurs introduces itself to the market with the Enter Notes App, a reimagined note-taking application available on the App Store.

A simple observation will show that those who are deep in their pursuit are also those who tend to use a notebook 📝. Whether it be Marcus Aurelius using his notes to explore the truth of his own nature, or Leonardo da Vinci using his notes to explore his artistic vision. For many reasons, the notebook is a staple for those who have something to produce and somewhere to go. From there, we are interested in exploring how modern technology can leverage note-taking tools to be more effective for various functions.

Enter’s Digital Agency is a web development service focused on building custom web platforms for brands and creatives. The aim with our Digital Agency is to build applications that give others agency over their own digital platform. The sky is the limit to what a business can do online when it is free from the constraints of other platforms.