Cultivate Insights On The Go

Inspiration can strike at any moment. Have somewhere to reliably enter your greatest ideas.

Simple & Fast

Enter's interface is simple and straight to the point. Load the app and get into writing in seconds.


Data entered within the app is untracked and is not accessible to anyone other than the enterer.


Enter is entirely free to use for both iPhone and iPad. In-app purchases are for non-functional, visual features only.


Enter prioritizes an elegant interface to inspire its users to go out and create beautiful things.


Customize the look and feel of Enter within the settings of the app. More customizability gets added with every update.


Enter is continually developing towards bringing the best experience possible.


Attach as many tags to each note to seamlessly organize your thoughts and ideas.

Locked Notes

Add a lock on your personal and private notes. Great for writing those messages that should stay to yourself or for storing passwords.


Archive your discarded notes to store them away. You never know when you might need something again.

Enter: Take Notes, Shape Ideas - Explore and Discover | Product Hunt