How to Enter

Tag Network

The TagNet is where all your Tags are stored. You can check here for a list view of created Tags. You can also create a new tag, merge tags and delete tags.

Topic Tags

Topic Tags apply to any subject of your choice. Choose from a wide variety of colours to personalize Enter with tag colours.

Reference Tags

Reference Tags are similar to Topic Tags but have an additional author field to represent anything with a name and an author.

Create New

Quickly add new notes and add tags from the Hub.

Rapid Entry

Rapid Entry is a messenger interface to capture your thoughts and ideas. Think brain dump. Get the ideas out of your head at first, and worry about the rest later.

Your Entries

Navigating here brings up all entered data. Create, view, and edit notes from this screen.

More Actions (Overflow Actions)

The More Actions button is available on each screen and will allow you to access more features, such as the ability to edit lists, share your notes, and more.

Your Inbox

Filter for untagged notes by toggling the Inbox button in the overflow actions of the notes list.

Hyperlink To The Web

Extend your Network to the web by adding hyperlinks.


Add a lock on your private notes. Unlocking will require a password or biometric authentication (Face ID or Touch ID depending on the device).


Publish your note to a customizable graphic. Tap the fullscreen button and screenshot for a meme-worthy post.


To support Enter's growth, purchase theme items that allow for further customization.
Follow the links to learn more and enter the community.
Press the rocketship to play a new minigame by EnterMaurs.