Enter Version 1.0

Enter is a lightweight note-taking app on the Apple App Store. It is a mobile companion that empowers its user to capture and cultivate thoughts and ideas. Enter organically facilitates discovery and personal growth through an intuitive tag network that grows with its user 📈.

Feature Highlights 🔦

  • Tag Network 🏷. Customize Enter with your own Tag Network to shape your notebook. Attach as many tags to each note to seamlessly organize your thoughts and ideas.

  • Rapid Write 💬. A messenger interface to capture your thoughts and ideas. Think brain dump. Get the ideas out of your head at first, and worry about the rest later.

Pricing 💰

Enter is entirely free to use for both iPhone and iPad. In-app purchases are for non-functional, visual features only.

Availability 📱🍎

Enter is available on Apple iPhone and iPad devices with iOS 14+ and iPadOS 14+. Those interested can expect a desktop version coming to macOS. 

Privacy and Tracking 😎

All data entered into the app is stored solely on the device and in the user's iCloud storage. Users do not create an account with Enter. Instead, all data is stored and tracked to each unique Apple ID. Data entered within the app is untracked and is not accessible to anyone other than the enterer. Chris is not interested in day trading data. 

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Founder, Developer:  ChrisPalumbo.ca
Brand Studio:  StoneGolemStudios.com